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Sally Soapnut
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I just want to let you know about my experience with these fabulous soapnuts.
I love it for all my household cleaning. I have never before used anything like it for windows! I don't have to scrub and buff until my arms are sore. I love the price also!
My skin feels so nice after taking a shower with the cream mousse, and my hair
feels so clean. Also, I have a floating floor which requires a special solution for washing because other products  leave streaks - not any more with soapnuts - with a little essential oil, it's great. I would recommend Superior Soapnuts to anyone!
It's the best!
                                                            Concerned Shopper  (Marathon, Ontario)

I bought the trial size of soapnuts to try in my washer. Unfortunately, after I got them my son got some kind of stomach bug. I was just dreading cleaning the mess that he had left in his pants. I threw the poopy clothes in the washer and thought “this is going to be too much for these”. Boy was I surprised when his clothes came out not only clean, with no residue left, but they smelled clean too! I was expecting to have to wash them again due to past experience. Our cats sometimes used the dirty laundry as a litter box and cat urine takes at least 2 washes to get out. There isn’t much of a smell to the soapnuts, and I like that as I am getting sensitive to smells. I recommend these to everyone. Superior Soapnuts also shipped my order very quickly, I got them a lot quicker than I expected and they have answered all my questions. I have gotten my next order; the next job on my cleaning list is to try the dishwasher, the dish soap and then the shampoo.

                                                                      Tammy (Belleville, ON)

Hi, I would just like to thank you very much for the BEST soap nuts I have ever used. My parents are of Indian background so I now good quality SNs when I see them. I tried many suppliers here in the USA and really all were dry, dark black, extra small and some were rotten - the exact opposite of yours. Well, you are my new supplier and I hope you guys continue the great work and superior quality! Thanks and will buy again soon.
                                                                      Savio (Sherman Oaks, CA)

I was curious as to whether you will have these soap nuts in the future?  These will be my detergent from now on!  It's amazing!  I used to have to go through 3 heavy full wash cycles to get the lingering smell out of our diapers and sometimes our clothes.   With the soap nuts, I do one cycle and the smell is completely gone.  I don't how they work but they're amazing and fit so well into our extremely natural lifestyle.
               Monika (Mississauga, Ont.)
I was at the Farmer's Market in Thunday Bay about a month ago and my friend purchased the sample packets of SoapNuts. I have tried them & loved them. They got my l clothes so clean! I especially like the idea of not using fabric softener!

                                                                     Sirpa (Thunder Bay, ON)

I received a little bag of soapnuts and was told it would do four or five loads of laundry. After using it for eight loads the soapnuts were still firm! Wanting to put it to the test, I put a soiled blouse in to the ninth load of laundry! It came out sparkling clean and the soapnuts are still shiny!
                                                                     Val Smith (Upsala, Ont.)

If you are looking for a totally chemical free household cleaning solution, Superior Soapnuts are astounding!  If you have allergies or are sensitive to harsh chemical detergents, this is definitly the product you should be using! It does a terrific job on all my laundry.  Worried about counting the loads before replacing the soapnuts, I  start off with the 5 nuts in the bag and do 3 or 4 loads of laundry, then top up the bag with 3 or 4 more soapnuts so the bag is always half full to full. They are very efficient even on my husbands grubby work jeans (I do add a bit of washing soda to those loads).  As well as being eco-friendly, the cost savings are really starting to add up.  No more dryer sheets, and I've been using the soapnuts for three months now and I have used less than half the bag. A fantastic natural, effective product. Thanks.                                                              
                                                                     Patricia Brown--Upsala

My visiting daughter mopped my hardwood floor with the liquid soapnuts and I
could not believe how clean and shiny it turned out.  I had to buy my own soapnuts right away!                                                                    
                                                                    Jan  (McAlester, Oklahoma)

Just used the soapnuts for the first time since receiving them. I washed an old blanket that my dog lays on (paws prints and all) and the  blanket came out clean.  Then I washed a load of colors and they came out clean and soft to the touch.
I am impressed with the nuts.  I've been telling everyone that I talk to about them.  I think they are all curious about this product. 
                                                                    Lena, Wellandport, Ontario

I first decided to order the soapnuts after I got tired of my, and my dogs, allergies. I was skeptical at first but, when I finally got them, I put them to the test. I put the soapnuts in the little washbag and put them in the warm machine. I then threw a dirty two week old whelping blanket the dog used for whelping her pups into the washer. Came out clean! Some staining, but that’s to be expected as soapnuts aren’t a pre- treater for blood stains :). Next, I decided to wash my laundry - a nasty load of work clothes. I breed Belgian Malinois so my clothes get really, really furry, smelly, and all around gross working with dogs. Put them in - they came out clean! Then I made some liquid soapnuts, mopped and cleaned the floors.  I just substitued the
soapnuts for what I would normally use. Cleaned! So then I used some ice cube form soapnut detergent in with a months supply of gross smelling dog kennel welcome mats.  Well that was it....came out clean!!  No more allergies, all the dogs fur is coming out clean, lush, vibrant, from using the soapnuts in the bath.  All I can say is I don't know if I will reveal my secret to all the other breeders in the show ring...oops...just did!  Soapnuts are the best!  Everyone should use them!

                                                                 Autumn M. - Niagara Falls, Ontario   
superior soapnuts

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