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If you're looking for a terrific green idea for your upcoming wedding,
here is a great suggestion!

Try Superior Soapnuts trial size bags as a wedding favor!

You can purchase what you need in bulk and do the packaging yourself, or we'll do the work for you.

Do it yourself bulk orders are sold in 1 KG packages.  Each package contains 1 kg soapnuts,  65 muslin washbags and 65 instruction inserts.   1 kg of soapnuts should give you 65 washbags containing 5 soapnuts each.

  * Price per pack is $75.00 

Prepackaged trial size bags come in lots of 50.  Each muslin washbag contains 5 soapnuts and an instructional insert.

  * Price per lot is $62.50 

Smaller amounts are charged our regular price of $1.75 each.

Contact us for more information.

Superior Soapnuts also make a great bridal shower or baby shower gift.

Soapnuts are nature's very own answer to chemically-free personal, laundry and household cleaning. They are environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, biodegradable and compostable. Concerned about nut allergies? In spite of their name, Soapnuts are actually a fruit so there is no need for anyone with nut allergies to be concerned.

Contact us for packaging and payment options.

Shipping included on orders over $75.00.