Beebe Knives - This is the place to look for handmade knives, key fobs, and other interesting           things.  Paul has made tools for Lee Valley for years and we are proud to have him as one of        our friends. 
Anyone fortunate enough to live north and east of Lake Superior knows that we are in the heart of fishing country!  For quality handmade fishing lures, contact Linda at SIMPLY A-LURE-ING  -
 KaY-zEe KrEaTiOnS is a home based business that has many products to suit any baby                occasion: New baby, Birthdays, Christmas....Fresh Designs that stand apart from commercially       manufactured products. Everything is made in Thunder Bay by Kaylyn!  
 Nolalu Eco Centre - This is Northern Ontario’s largest solar-powered straw bale facility.    The Nolalu Eco Centre, just west of Thunder Bay, is a place for learning, relaxing, and     meeting inspiring people.  

 Look for Superior Soapnuts at these Canadian businesses!

Thunder Bay, Ontario    

               - Unique Alternatives at the Thunder Bay Country Market

               - Streak of Green at 71 Algoma


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